Monday, May 21, 2007

A Miracle Happened Here

Some things are unexplainable by science. They shouldn't happen, but they do. They are unheard of, yet they occur. Everything in your experience tells you it never happens, and then it does.

Such a thing happened to us last week. The baby's mobile, the one mounted in her crib, the one that she loves to watch spin around and around, the one that keeps her happy and calm, broke. Probably in revenge, since we had subjected it to an operation the week before and snipped the wires which connect its tinny little music box to its loud, annoying speakers.

So, we did a little research and found a mobile that would spin around without playing an annoying tune. It was on sale at, so I ordered it about 11 a.m. one morning, chosing the "free shipping" option to save a little $.

Now, I've ordered many a thing from with the free shipping option. Free shipping is, generally, slow shipping. Sometimes painfully slow shipping. Sometimes it takes weeks. Of course you can choose fast shipping, but fast shipping is also extremely expensive shipping so I decided to go with the slow.

However, at some point in this process I said to myself, possibly even out loud, "Oh God I hope this doesn't take forever." I had visions of a crying, fussing, miserable baby, lying awake in her crib all night, wondering why her mobile was not turning and, more importantly, keeping us awake.

And, miracle of miracle, Oh God heard my prayer, or whatever it was, and the mobile arrived at our doorstep the very next day. I kid you not.

And now we have a happy, sleeping baby: