Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bad Blogger. Bad!

My friend S. reminded me last week that I have not updated my blog since July 21st. I will now take an oath, or something, to update this blog at least once a month. If I don't, I give you all permission to say nasty things about me behind my back.

The little munchkin has been busy, learning new words, playing with trains, eating noodles and peas and ice cream, going to day care, and reading lots of books. I like to play categories, so I recently tried to come up with a word that she knows for every letter of the alphabet. X and Z are, as always, problematic, but I think I came up with something for every other letter:

A apple
B ball
C cat
D doggie
E eat
F fish
G go
H hot
I (Hmmm. I think maybe she said "in" once)
J jump
K kitty
L light
N no
O oh
P pee
Q quiet
R rabbit
S Sweet Pea
T tree
U up
V vote
W wubba wubba wubba wubba woo woo woo
X -
Y yes
Z -